Chef Compliance with Jessica DeVita

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How do you know your systems are compliant with security and industry standards like CIS, SOX, HIIPA, PCI and so on? Chef evangelist Jessica DeVita talks to Richard about the free Chef compliance tools that can help you understand where your systems are exposed and help get you into a compliant state - and stay there. If your only check of compliance is an audit, things are going to be rough. Audits are just spotchecks, not comprehensive evaluations, and it takes time to get things into order. Having a system that can continuously check compliance state, even as code is being written, makes life much, much simpler. Check it out!


Jessica DeVita, formerly a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, now at Chef . She started at Chef as a pre-sales solutions architect and now works in post sales, helping customers adopt Chef Tooling and devops practices at some of the largest enterprises including Disney, Intuit and more.

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