Getting into Machine Learning with Buck Woody

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Is it time to jump into machine learning? Richard talks to Buck Woody about how he has focused his multi-decade career at the leading edge of using data for business advantage. Buck talks about the differences between business intelligence, data mining, predictive analytics and machine learning. The landscape called Data Science these days is large, but there is lots of opportunities. When you get it right, Data Science represents a huge opportunity for your organization. But it is a young technology now that benefits generalists, and you do need to learn some things. Check the show notes for great places to get started!


Buck Woody works on the Microsoft Machine Learning and Data Science Team, using data and technology to solve business and science problems. With over thirty years of professional and practical experience in computer technology, he is also a popular speaker at many conferences around the world; the author of over 650 articles and seven books on database and Machine Learning technologies, teaches Database courses and sits on the Data Science Board at the University of Washington, and specializes in data analysis techniques.

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