Chad Jones On Microsoft Application Virtualization!

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Richard and Greg talk to Chad Jones about Microsoft Application Virtualization - formerly known as SoftGrid. The conversation explores the differences in various kinds of virtualization and how application virtualization fits into the picture.


Chad Jones is currently a Senior Product Manager in the Windows Client Product Management Group. He is responsible for Microsoft Application Virtualization (Formerly SoftGrid) products available in the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for SA. Mr. Jones joined Microsoft through the acquisition of Softricity, a Boston based ISV. He is one of the creators of Softricity's second generation platform, SoftGrid. As Senior Director Product Strategy, he contributed in several key areas within Softricity including strategic product planning, technical evangelism, companion product engineering, customer design reviews and market definition and positioning. He was also responsible for the creation of the Return on Virtualization calculator which Forrester Research approved as the first accepted return on investment model for virtual applications. Mr. Jones currently holds eleven industry certifications and two degrees and is considered an expert in the application virtualization field.

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