Isolated User Mode in Windows 10 with Mark Minasi

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How does Windows 10 protect your secrets? Richard chats with Mark Minasi about the endless evolution of protecting user information in Windows. What, you don't have any secrets? Sure you do! Start with your login password: You don't want to have to type a password in every time an application runs, so Windows remembers it for you, at least while you're logged in. How can you be sure it's safe? Mark does his usual amazing story telling job of taking you through the history of protected storage and digging into how Windows 10 (and Server 2016) will do it better - check out the links in the show notes for more!


When Mark Minasi attended his first lecture about computers in 1973, he learned two things. First, computers are neat. Second, many technical people are very nice folks... but they can put you to sleep in an instant while explaining technical things. Mark transformed those two insights into a career making computers easier and more fun to understand. He's done that by writing over a thousand popular computer columns, several dozen best-selling technical books, and explaining operating systems and networking to crowds from two to two thousand. Awarded "Favorite Technical Author" by CertCities four times out of four, Mark is probably best known for his "Mastering Windows Server" and "Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance" books, both of which have seen more than 12 editions and sold over a million copies. An audience member at a recent talk remarked that he believed that Mark could "do a talk on watching paint dry that would be so good that people would be motivated to go home and paint a wall just to experience the joy of watching paint dry." While this has led to many very tempting offers from Sherwin-Williams, he's decided to stay with his first and best love... technology.

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