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How do you manage the security of documents around individual applications on a mobile device? Richard talks to Simon May about Microsoft InTune Mobile Application Management (MAM). MAM allows IT folks to specify security privileges on an app-by-app and document-by-document basis. The identity role is handled by Azure Active Directory, and the entire Office 365 suite is supported - but so are products from Adobe, FoxIt, SAP and more. Documents can be time-limited (very spy novelish!) and even have individual parts of a document (like a paragraph) have different privileges. This looks to be a lighter-weight way to allow bring-your-own-device to protect corporate documents while leaving personal content alone. Check it out!


Simon has over 10 years of experience in IT for financial institutions, utility, and the healthcare sector before joining Microsoft. He’s done everything from helpdesk, desktop and server support and deployment, critical issue recovery and service and process management. He’s been an Evangelist with Microsoft for 5 years concentrating on how IT can embrace the enterprise mobility management and the latest devices. Simon is now a Principal Program Manager for Customer Experience in Microsoft’s Enterprise Client Management team, helping accelerate customer usage of EMS and specifically Microsoft Intune. You’ll find Simon deeply connected with customers, regularly blogging, highly active on social media, delivering training and talking with product teams on Microsoft Mechanics and Channel 9.

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