Windows 10 Redstone Update with Stephen Rose

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Here comes the Redstone update for Windows 10! Richard chats with Stephen Rose about the big one year update for Windows 10. Don't call it a service pack - it's full of new features of Windows. The patching normally done in services packs is now a routine thing with Windows 10, they don't even wait for Tuesday. The conversation digs into some of the new features in Redstone and how it can serve the enterprise effectively. A lot of energy has been focused on taking security to the next level, because the black hats sure are! Steven talks about some new security devices and a shift in attitude from an administrator's point of view - we're security risks too!


Since 2009 Stephen has lead technical product marketing for a wide variety of products including Windows, Surface, Office 365 and OneDrive. He now is responsible for marketing and storytelling for the Microsoft 365 team which brings his career full circle. Stephen holds over 20 technical certifications and been certified since Windows NT 4.0 and (sadly) still remembers what an IRQ is. In 2015 he was awarded to the Microsoft Platinum Circle of Excellence. Follow him @stephenlrose on Twitter

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