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Ready to move your PBX to the cloud? Richard chats with Avrohom Gottheil about this fundamental shift in telephony. Once upon a time there were analog phone systems, then everything went digital. But now, the location of your phones and phone system is almost irrelevant! Avrohom talks about being able to create unified communications solutions where email, telephony and presence all work together. But how do you get past your old PBX approach? It takes new phones, a careful look at your networking and thinking through what's possible when location and connectivity aren't tied together.


Avrohom Gottheil helps businesses save time and money by ensuring they have the right technology in place to effectively optimize their business communications. Avrohom has been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, and businesses from all over the world have reached out to him for his expertise in assisting them with installing, managing, maintaining, and training them on their phone systems. Businesses that Avrohom has helped range from Wall Street Hedge Fund brokers to Hospitals, from Beauty Salons to Real Estate Brokers, even an Organ Donation Center! In 2006, Avrohom founded his company, SimiPlex Technologies, with a mission to simplify customer’s needs through innovative, out of the box solutions, and unparalleled, excellent, customer service. SimiPlex Technologies specializes in Cloud based PBX systems, telecommunication services and communication applications. Avrohom has had many businesses download his free e-book "Are you in flow?" which gives free practical advise to telephony vendors and clients on how to successfully manage an efficient phone system installation, so that your phone system gets installed the right way the first time, and without overtaxing your budget. Avrohom Gottheil is from New York where he has lived all his life. He loves to run, hike, and grow tropical trees in his spare time.

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