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Holy smokes, 500 episodes! Richard brings in Carl Franklin to do hosting duties while guest stars on his own show - taking a look at the changes to the IT landscape in the past nearly 10 years. Back in April 2007, Vista was brand new (and not doing well), PowerShell was new also, Cloud was just starting out and DevOps didn't even really exist. 64 bit computing was something that was going to be important and smartphones were just starting to take off. Amazing what can happen in 500 shows... and now on to the next 500!


Richard Campbell has spent more than 40 years playing around with microcomputers. Along the way he's done virtually every job you can imagine in the industry, from manufacturing to programming to consulting, training and writing. Today Richard is a Microsoft Regional Director, an ASP.NET MVP and co-host of .NET Rocks!, the Internet Audio Talkshow for .NET Developers (www.dotnetrocks.com) as well as host of RunAs Radio (www.runasradio.com), the podcast for Microsoft IT Professionals. You can reach Richard at richard@pwop.com.

Carl Franklin started this whole podcasting thing back in August, 2002 with the introduction of .NET Rocks! Since then, his company, Pwop Productions, continues to publish 5 or 6 shows every week for .NET developers and IT professionals. Carl is a veteran software developer, and the guy behind Carl & Gary's VB Home Page, which he started in 1994 with Gary Wisniewski. Carl is a Microsoft Regional Director, a Kinect MVP, and developer of GesturePak, a gesture recording and recognition toolkit for Kinect for Windows. Carl is also a professional musician. His band, Franklin Brothers published their first album in 1999 (Strange Communication) and the second in 2011 (Lifeboat To Nowhere). Follow Carl on Twitter at @carlfranklin

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