Microsoft Azure Networking with Albert Greenberg

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What does it take to make Azure networking actually work? Richard chats with Microsoft VP Albert Greenberg about the whole of Azure networking. The conversation starts out talking about the complexity of building massive virtual networks for Azure so that every customer has their own private space to work in, while not impacting or being impacting by any of the other customers. Albert talks about the need for no central point of focus when scaling to public cloud sizes when it comes to network - there's no hardware available at this size!


CVP for Microsoft Azure Networking, leading software and hardware development and engineering for all Microsoft Azure, including all Microsoft first and third parties, and encompassing physical data center, regional and wide area networking, host networking datapath, virtual networking, virtual appliances, hybrid networking, network security, network services, network distributed systems, optical networking, network reconfigurable hardware and device firmware, network analytics, edge/CDN networks and services. Azure is built on SDN principles, which the team pioneered as the inevitable and right way to scale the cloud. Joined Microsoft from Bell Labs and AT&T Labs Research, where he was an AT&T Fellow and Executive Director, and where he helped build the systems and tools for engineering and managing AT&T’s networks. IEEE Kobayashi Award winner, ACM Fellow, ACM Sigcomm Award winner, ACM Test of Time Paper Award winner, National Academy of Engineering member.

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