Val Matison Gives Us Business Intelligence!

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Richard and Greg talk to Val Matison about Microsoft's Business Intelligence technologies. Val digs into the fundamentals of why you would want to use BI software and how the different products Microsoft makes work together.


Val Matison is the Director of Business Intelligence at Systemgroup Inc., a Microsoft Gold certified partner, based in Mississauga, Canada. With nearly 30 years of business analytics experience, he is recognized as an expert in creating actionable information from data. He has presented sessions on data warehousing, data mining and analysis services at Comdex, Devdays, Microsoft Technical Summits and conferences in North America and Europe. One of the top Data Warehouse developers in Canada, Val Matison was listed in the Who's Who 2000 edition of Channel Business Magazine. He is the developer of InfoViewer Technology, the view anywhere business analytics and graphics platform that visually associates key performance indicators and metrics in context with the business environment in which they were created. Two of his more public projects were the information systems he designed for the Toronto SkyDome and the Euro Tunnel. He has developed models that utilize data warehousing applications for credit card risk analysis, forecasting models, and profitability in the banking industry. He has built algorithms that forecast risk, determine product distribution, build hierarchal associations, clean data, and calculate complex taxation scenarios. He now specializes in analytics for healthcare and is building a KPI workshop that focuses on Hospital operations and finance. InfoViewer technology uses analytics derived from SQL Server 2005 to display information graphically. It can be used for OLAP, data mining and even transactional systems. The interface is developed in Scalable Vector Graphics allowing graphical information to be displayed in Internet Explorer or other browsers, PDAs, Blackberry devices and even some cell phones. He is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP.

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