WireShark with Timothy Warner

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Have you used WireShark? Richard chats with Tim Warner of Pluralsight about his experiences working with this super-powerful open source network inspection tool. The conversation dives into the challenges of understanding what's going on with your network, both wired and wireless. WireShark gathers up traffic coming and going from a machine and analyzes it to identify what its for and where it's from. Tim talks about the challenges of seeing the network as a whole when it comes to Layer 3 routing, but there are tools to help. There are many reasons to want to understand your network traffic, but there are privacy challenges also - know the rules for your world!


Tim Warner is a Microsoft MVP in Cloud & Datacenter Management and a full-time trainer with Pluralsight. Tim's worked in many varieties of IT since entering the field full-time in 1997. His current areas of focus are Microsoft Azure, cross-platform PowerShell, and open-source technologies, especially and including Linux. Tim and his family reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

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