Using PowerShell in Linux with Timothy Warner

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PowerShell? On Linux? Why would you DO that? Richard chats with Tim Warner about the recent announcements around making PowerShell open source and available on Linux and Mac OS. What does this mean? The Linux world has been script-driven since it was Unix, so does PowerShell make any sense? Tim talks about coming up with common ways to manage both Windows and Linux machines, and where PowerShell adds some interesting capabilities by being far more object-oriented than text-file-oriented. It's still early days, and there's only an alpha version on GitHub to experiment with, but it looks to be interesting times in the future!


Tim Warner is a Microsoft MVP in Cloud & Datacenter Management and a full-time trainer with Pluralsight. Tim's worked in many varieties of IT since entering the field full-time in 1997. His current areas of focus are Microsoft Azure, cross-platform PowerShell, and open-source technologies, especially and including Linux. Tim and his family reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

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