Azure in the Oil and Gas Industry with John Paul Cook

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The oil and gas industry is in the cloud! Richard chats with John Paul Cook about his work bringing various Azure technologies to bear on the oil and gas industry. Contrary to popular belief, the oil and gas industry loves software and has embraced the cloud to increase efficiency. John talks about utilizing various Azure products to do data collection, including the IoT Hub. But the fun really starts when you get into the analysis side, using stream analytics to capture data in real time and react to it, as well as analysis tools to understand the data more deeply. Cool stuff!


John Paul Cook is a Data Platform Solution Architect in Microsoft’s Houston office. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2014, he had been awarded MVP for SQL Server several times. John helps large enterprise customers solve problems using both the Microsoft cloud and on-premise software. In his private life, he is a registered nurse and also a nurse practitioner student who wants to take care of uninsured patients when he retires. John blogs at

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