Practical Data Science with Rafal Lukawiecki

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How do you get started in data science? Richard chats with long time data scientist Rafal Lukawiecki about practical data science. Rafal starts out focusing on the most common data science scenarios - understanding your customer and their needs. This goal is more complicated than it appears, often the questions first asked are not the questions you'll actually need answers to. But asking them is important since it leads to information that will influence the next round of questions. The cloud has made it easier than ever to dive into data science, but the principals are still the same: This is a science, after all!


As Data Scientist at Project Botticelli Ltd (, Rafal focuses on making advanced analytics easy and useful for his clients. He can help you find valuable, meaningful patterns and statistically valid correlations using data mining and machine learning, and he is also known for his work in business intelligence, data protection, enterprise architecture, and solution delivery. Rafal has been a popular speaker at major IT conferences since 1998, and he had the honour of sharing keynote platforms with Bill Gates and Neil Armstrong. A natural educator, he explains complex concepts in simple terms in his enjoyably energetic style. Outside IT, Rafal spends a quarter of every year finding abstractions in natural landscapes, expressing them through traditional, black-and-white, large-format film photography, making silver-gelatin prints by hand—see

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