The Delivery Pipeline with Steven Murawski

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What's the Delivery Pipeline and why should you care? Richard chats with Steven Murawaski about his work at Chef, helping organizations get more effective at delivering software. Steven talks about how the latest generation of platform tools such as containers, that while helping to automate the delivery of software, are not a panacea that eliminates all the challenges of said software. You still have to take the time to get your automation right and deeply understand the value of being able to rapid-fire deploy. When you go faster, things get better!


Steven is a Principal Engineer on the Community Engineering team at CHEF and a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP. Steven is active in the Chef, PowerShell, and DevOps communities, locally and online. Prior to arriving at CHEF, Steven was a sysadmin for Microsoft focused infrastructures - most notably at Stack Overflow, where he pioneered the use of Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration on Windows Server operating systems.

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