Least Privilege using Group Policy with Jeremy Moskowitz

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Can Group Policy help protect your user's machines? Definitely! Richard chats with Jeremy Moskowitz about his on-going work with group policy, including his cool tool, PolicyPak. Jeremy talks about applying least privilege principles via Group Policy, including a case of a patch from June 2016 that may have broken some of your group policies because the machine that has to apply them doesn't have sufficient privileges! Other important least privilege aspects discussed include better management of local admin accounts, control over who actually makes and changes group policy, and how to deal with users who want to install apps. Lots to learn!


Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP is founder of www.GPanswers.com and PolicyPak Software (www.PolicyPak.com). Since becoming one of the world's first MCSEs, he has performed Active Directory, and Group Policy planning and implementations for some of the nation's largest organizations. His latest book is "Group Policy Fundamentals, Security, and Troubleshooting, third edition" which is fully updated for Windows 10 and Server 2016. Learn more about the book and his Group Policy Master Class training at www.GPanswers.com. If you want to secure your applications, browsers, Java, and operating system settings, check out www.policypak.com.

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