Linux on Hyper-V with Kevin Kelling

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Why would you run Linux on Hyper-V? Richard chats with Microsoft Premier Field Engineer Kevin Kelling about his experiences working with a customer that had tens of thousands of virtual machines running Hyper-V - enough that the licensing of the VMs became an issue! And since Windows Server Data Center edition allows for unlimited Hyper-V instances, the effort was on to make those Linux-based VMs run well in Hyper-V - and with the right tweaking, they do! Great story about digging deeply into how Hyper-V works!


Kevin Kelling has 20 years experience with Windows Server in an enterprise setting and has been recognized by VMWare as a VExpert for five years before joining Microsoft; today he is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer focused on Hyper-V (private), Azure (public) and Azure Stack (hybrid).

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