Azure Database for MySQL and Postgres with Jason Anderson and Sunil Kamath

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More database services in Azure! While at the Build conference, Richard sat down with Jason Anderson and Sunil Kamath to discuss both MySQL and Postgres coming to Azure Database services. Sure, you've been able to run MySQL and Postgres in virtual machines on Azure, but why would you want to maintain an operating system and patching yourself? Jason and Sunil talk about all the cloud aspects of a database service - update policies, resiliency, backup and extension options. There's more coming, but the first versions of MySQL and Postgres available as an Azure Database Service look great!


In Jason's 20+ year career at Microsoft, he's worked on everything from consumer Windows PC hardware & software all the way up to running OSS in Azure, including OSS database systems. While quite a span in technology areas, working on OSS at Microsoft has been the "spice" needed to keep him coming into work everyday and doing amazing things! He is now the PM lead driving the efforts to bring MySQL to the Azure platform.

Sunil Kamath is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft where he works on Azure SQL services. He leads the Azure open source database services team and recently helped launched the managed MySQL and PostgreSQL service on Azure. Prior to Microsoft, Sunil worked at IBM for over 15 years and held several technical leadership roles in the area of IBM cloud performance engineering, Hardware Acceleration Lab and product performance architect for IBM’s flagship DB2 distributed database. He earned a M.S. in Computer Science at the University of Alberta.

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