ITIL and DevOps with Akshay Ananad and Kaimar Karu

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ITIL and DevOps together? Yes! While at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in London, Richard sat down with Akshay Ananad and Kaimar Karu of AXELOS to talk about how the DevOps practices apply to service management. ITIL was born in a slower time for IT, but the core axioms are still relevant - you just need to focus on service rather than technology. The conversation also goes to including your service management folks in the conversations around software, the same way that operations, infosec and bizdev need to be involved. Devops is all about service, and so is ITIL!


Kaimar Karu is managing the development of the ITSM and PPM Best Practice portfolios, including the ITIL framework and the PRINCE2 methodology as Head of Product Strategy and Development at AXELOS. Kaimar is an experienced IT Service Management (ITSM) practitioner who has a career background in customer support, software development, and project management. Before joining AXELOS, Kaimar spent three years working with Skype in their headquarters back in Estonia on improving Skype's ITSM capabilities. With a degree in Philosophy and a runner-up diploma from the national Beer Sommelier competition, Kaimar effortlessly combines the best of various worlds to help organisations and IT professionals become more efficient.

Akshay has been an IT Service Management practitioner for over 15 years, from advisory roles, to implementing and managing tools, processes and capabilities at large global enterprises. Most recently, he joined AXELOS Global Best Practice, which owns & manages the ITIL Best Practice framework, where he has been focused on DevOps and emerging ways of working. Akshay can be reached via

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