Thinking IT Cloud with Tim Warner

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Still on the fence about moving services to the cloud? Richard chats with Tim Warner about the on-going evolution of the cloud and the increasing pressure that IT folks feel to incorporate it into the infrastructure strategy of an organization. The conversation starts out with budgeting when it is time to talk about buying new hardware and renewing co-lo space. How does the cloud fit in? Tim talks about what services move easily to the cloud but admits that hybrid is permanent. Is the cloud eliminating IT jobs? It sure doesn't seem like it!


Tim Warner is a Microsoft MVP in Cloud & Datacenter Management and a full-time trainer with Pluralsight. Tim's worked in many varieties of IT since entering the field full-time in 1997. His current areas of focus are Microsoft Azure, cross-platform PowerShell, and open-source technologies, especially and including Linux. Tim and his family reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

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