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Desired State Configuration continues to evolve, are you? Richard chats with Missy Januszko about her work (with Don Jones) on The DSC Book. DSC is short for Desired State Configuration, and a key part of PowerShell and the Windows Management Framework. Missy talks about how DSC is a key part of creating 'cattle' style infrastructure, where servers can be replaced on demand and changes are handled through code, not mouse-clicks. The conversation digs into the limits of the 'cattle-ness' of servers and what moves easily to the model and what doesn't. The DSC Book is a 'forever' book from LeanPub and is routinely updated!


Missy Januszko is an independent IT consultant, with more than 20 years of experience as an enterprise hosting architect, large-scale infrastructure designer, and hosted application designer. She specializes in DevOps, automation and configuration management, DSC, PowerShell, and Active Directory, and has broad experience across the entire line of Microsoft business technologies. Missy is a co-author of “The DSC Book” with Microsoft MVP Don Jones, and she is also a conference speaker on DSC-related topics.

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