DevOps Practices inside Microsoft with Donovan Brown and Martin Woodward

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Microsoft has a DevOps practice too! While at Ignite in Orlando, Richard sat down with Donovan Brown and Martin Woodward to talk about their experiences helping various Microsoft teams move along the DevOps journey. The conversation starts out on Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), Microsoft's source and project management software running in Azure, that also builds Azure, as well as many other Microsoft products, including Windows! Donovan and Martin talk about pressing against the edges of what their tools can do - so that you know when you get there, they will be ready!


Donovan Brown is a Principal DevOps Manager on Microsoft's Cloud Developer Advocacy team, focusing on Azure and developer DevOps. Before joining Microsoft, Donovan spent seven years as a Process Consultant and a Certified Scrum Master. Donovan has travelled the globe helping companies in the U.S., Canada, India, Germany, and the UK develop solutions using agile practices in industries including Communications, Health Care, Energy, and Financial Services. Donovan is an avid programmer, often finding ways to integrate software into his other hobbies and activities.

Martin Woodward is the Principal Program Manager for DevOps in Microsoft focusing on Visual Studio Team Services. Before that Martin was Executive Director of the .NET Foundation helping drive Microsoft’s move to open source. Prior to that he looked after the Java, Linux and Mac tooling in their Developer Division and helped introduce Git into Microsoft. He also was responsible for starting Microsoft’s presence on GitHub. You can find him on twitter @MartinWoodward

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