Security Guidance and SysInternals Update with Aaron Margosis

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Are you using SysInternals? Richard chats with Aaron Margosis about the venerable SysInternals tools originally developed by Mark Russinovich. But first, a discussion about Aaron's main job at Microsoft, developing security baseline guidance for operating systems. Aaron talks about the recommended security configurations for operating systems and how you can check the workstations you're responsible for to put those configurations in place. SysInternals also has a role in security, understanding exactly what is running on workstations and more. Aaron talks about a session he did at Ignite on using SysInternal to be better at your job - check it out!


Aaron Margosis is a Windows nerd, focusing primarily on cybersecurity. A frequent presenter, he is co-author with Mark Russinovich of Troubleshooting with the Windows Sysinternals Tools (MS Press, 2016), co-author of Microsoft's "Mitigating Pass-the-Hash (PtH) Attacks and Other Credential Theft Techniques," and a primary member of the team that builds Microsoft's security configuration guidance. He has published a number of useful tools over the years, including MakeMeAdmin, LUA Buglight, IE Zone Analyzer, LGPO (Local Group Policy Object utility) and Policy Analyzer. Aaron joined Microsoft Services in 1999, where he works with security-conscious customers.

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