The Practice of System and Network Administration with Tom Limoncelli

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What does it mean to be a System or Network Administrator? Richard talks to Tom Limoncelli about his experiences and book around the subject. Tom talks about how networking and sysadmin roles have evolved recently, where all the roles are being impacted by automation and DevOps practices - nobody is immune, nor should they want to be! The conversation dives into providing value to the organization, both in the form of keeping the employees productive, as well as safe and secure. It's not just about plugging cables and spinning screwdrivers, today, more than ever, the role of the sysadmin is understanding the needs of the organization and helping to achieve those needs!


Tom Limoncelli is a published author, devops pundit, and system administrator. He is the manager of the Site Reliability Engineering team at in New York City. Previously he's worked at Google, Bell Labs, and other companies. Along with Christina Hogan and? Strata Chalup, is the co-author of The Practice of System and Network Administration, The Practice of Cloud System Administration, and Time Management for System Administrators.

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