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The Exchange story continues to evolve - how about an update! Richard chats with Gareth Gudger about his work with a variety of companies using Exchange both on-premises and in Office 365. Gareth digs into older versions of Exchange that are coming out of support (time to upgrade) and the announcements around Exchange 2019 - the features come to the cloud first, but we get them in our own data centers eventually. There are plenty of ways to operate mail successfully for your organization, and Gareth talks through a number of those choices.


Gareth is a Microsoft MVP specializing in Exchange and Office 365. Gareth started his career in 1999 working on Windows NT 4.0 and Exchange 5.5. For most of his career he has held a consulting role, primarily delivering Microsoft technologies to businesses. He holds several Microsoft certifications including an MCSE in Messaging and MCSA in Office 365. Gareth blogs at A site focusing on Exchange, Office 365 and adjacent technologies.

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