Windows Linux Subsystem with Tara Raj and Sarah Cooley

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Linux on Windows! While at Build in Seattle, Richard talked to Tara Raj and Sarah Cooley about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). While you've been able to run Linux in virtual machines and containers for a long time, WSL actually lets you run Linux in a command line inside Windows. Why would you do that? Sarah and Tara focuses on the biggest benefit, which is taking advantage of great Linux command line tools and scripts.


Tara is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Previously, she worked on the V1 of new tools for SQL Server on Linux including SQL Operations Studio and the mssql-scripter CLI. Her passion for the command line and Linux has transferred over to her work on

Sarah is a virtualization nerd and Program Manager on the Windows Core OS team. Right now, she’s helping build developer tools on Windows 10. When Sarah isn’t playing with computers, she likes climbing mountains with her cat, traveling, teaching, and crafting.

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