Azure Key Vault Tooling with Andrew Cheung and Paul Yuknewicz

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Where do you keep your secrets? While at Build in Seattle, Richard chatted with Andrew Cheung and Paul Yuknewicz about the latest features for Azure Key Vault. The conversation dives into what should go into the Key Vault beyond the obvious TLS certificate private keys. Any username/password combinations for services accessed by other applications can live there - really, anything with secrets. And as Andrew says, containers have secrets too - they can live in Key Vault!


Paul is the Principal PM Manager for Azure Tools. His team designs and builds the tools used for cloud development in the .NET Azure SDK, Visual Studio, and production diagnostics. Paul has worked on many aspects of Visual Studio since the time .NET was first released in 2000 years including web development, data development, Express editions, and Visual Basic areas. Outside of work Paul enjoys his time with friends and family and is always itching for a great ski day.

Andrew Cheung is a Program Manager for Connected Services in Visual Studio and likes to help users get connected quickly to Azure Key Vault.

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