Subsea Data Centers with Ben Cutler

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Computers and water don't mix! Usually. Richard talks to Ben Cutler, one of the team leading Project Natick - building subsea data centers. Ben talks about the history of Natick, starting with the first tests off the coast of California, and the phase 2 project happening now in the Orkney islands. Speed of deployment is one advantage, as is reduced latency by being able to put data centers close to customers. But the focus of Natick is first and foremost environmental - what is the least environmentally impactful way to provide compute to those that need it? There's more to come!


Ben Cutler is a member of the Special Projects team within Microsoft Research, which conducts project-based research focused on big challenges facing corporate business units. He currently manages Project Natick researching subsea datacenters and Project Peabody which is developing a holoportation system for automotive, retail, and other applications. Ben's career has focused on taking innovative ideas from conception to market introduction. Prior to his current work at Microsoft, he was a principal at a number of technology startups and worked on innovative information systems at DARPA, the research arm of the US Department of Defense.

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