Storage Migration Service with Ned Pyle

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Ready to migrate some storage? Richard chats with Ned Pyle about his work on the Storage Migration Service, which is part of Server 2019. You can get an insider preview of Server 2019 today, and with a couple of extra clicks, start experimenting with this cool tool to help you migrate file server content, that is files, rights, metadata and all the details onto Server 2019. Ned talks about the pain of manual file server migrations - what if you could make it like a Physical-to-Virtual migration in Hyper-V with no downtime!


Ned Pyle (@nerdpyle) is an 15 year Microsoft veteran and a Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft Windows Server Cloud and Enterprise engineering group, managing replication and remote file protocols like Storage Replica, SMB, DFSR, and Scale-out File Server. He edits the Server Storage blog ( His previous role was a Technical Lead within Microsoft escalation support, where he supported Active Directory and was the founder of the infamous AskDS blog. Prior to Microsoft, he spent eight years in IT consulting and before that was a US Marine infantryman. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and all the dogs.

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