The Modern Data Analytics Stack with Trey Johnson

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What does a data analytics solution look like today? Richard chats with Trey Johnson of Zap about how data warehousing and OLAP have evolved into the modern data analytics solution. The cloud is the biggest shift for data analytics, changing what it means to Extract, Transform and Load. Trey talks about the focus being far more on extracting and loading across different SaaS products, and transformation being a rarer option. Whether you're starting a new greenfield analytics solution or looking to modernize an existing implementation, the tooling just keeps getting better!


Trey Johnson is ZAP’s Chief Evangelist. After 10 years holding numerous leadership roles at ZAP and 25 years working with SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform technologies, Trey brings the sum of all his technical and leadership roles in BI consultancies and BI Software Companies to the Evangelism of ZAP’s product within the ecosystem around the Microsoft Data Platform. Outside of ZAP, Trey has been a speaker, writer, PASS Board Member and community enthusiast dating back to 2000. You can find Trey on Twitter @TreyJohnson.

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