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What's an IT Community and why should you be a part of it? Richard chats with Michael Bender about being a part of a larger IT community. Michael talks about how often IT folks are so head-down in the day-to-day crises of operations that they don't have the cycles or interest to connect with others in their profession. But it's a trap! Engaging with the community is a source of support, information and opportunities to make your work better, help your career growth and to open doors to the new things you might want to do. Go to a conference or attend a local meetup - you'd be amazed at what happens next!


Michael is a teacher at heart and has a passion for helping people learn the skills necessary to ‘level-up’ their careers. As a Cloud Ops Advocate at Microsoft, he works with the Operations and IT Pro communities to ‘Skill Up’ on Azure, and advocates for these communities in Azure Engineering. Before coming to Microsoft, Michael taught Windows Networking, server virtualization, and PowerShell at Madison Area Technical College for 13 years, along with creating multiple courses on Pluralsight covering Windows Server and PowerShell. In addition to teaching and sharing, he is passionate about the IT Operations community. For the last eight years, he’s led up a global user group called The Krewe. This group provides a global network for the sharing of ideas and solutions for many in the Operations community. The krewe can be found on twitter via @Thekrewe and at If you want to reach him online, check out @michaelbender on twitter, or his blog at, though it could use a little more attention.

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