Building Microsoft Graph with Jeremy Thake

About Show #607

What can Graph do for you? Richard chats with Jeremy Thake about his return to Microsoft, joining the engineering team at Microsoft Graph. Jeremy is focused on the developer experience, which leads to a detailed discussion of what Graph is all about and how it can help an organization manage rights between users, devices, and applications. This leads to a conversation about increasing the sophistication of security models within an organization by incorporating granular privilege controls provided by Graph. Get away from the nothing/everything security dichotomy!


Jeremy Thake is a Senior Program Manager in the Microsoft Graph engineering team. He has developed on the Microsoft platform since 1998. He has worked as a developer consultant, VP of Product at large and small ISVs. Jeremy has spoken at conferences, tweeted, blogged and run podcasts for over ten years. In his spare time he's raising his beautiful daughter with his wife in Seattle and screaming at the New York Rangers to shoot the puck.

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