Azure Sphere with Galen Hunt

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How do you make the Internet of Things (IoT) secure and reliable? Richard chats with Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Galen Hunt about Azure Sphere, a comprehensive approach to IoT that provides security and the hardware, operating system and cloud services layers. The discussion digs into how microcontrollers (MCUs) permeate all technology in our lives, and that they will soon be a part of the Internet of Things, but only if they can be made safe. Azure Sphere starts with MCU hardware that has a hardware root of trust, along with the Azure Sphere OS, a custom Linux kernel developed by Microsoft for MCUs. And finally, the Azure Sphere aspect provides the mechanisms for on-going security, authenticity and response to threats. The first MCUs are available today for experimentation, check them out!


Dr. Galen Hunt, Distinguished Engineer & Managing Director Azure Sphere, founded and leads the Microsoft team responsible for Azure Sphere. Azure Sphere provides an end-to-end solution with a goal to ensure that every “Internet of Things (IoT)” device on the planet is secure and trustworthy. His research areas include operating systems, security, and technology disruptions. Additionally, Dr. Hunt is a member of the launch team for Microsoft Research New Experiences and Technologies organization (MSR NExT) and was the Principal Researcher of the Operating Systems and Distributed Systems Group. Previously, Dr. Hunt pioneered technologies ranging from confidential cloud computing to light-weight container virtualization, type-safe operating systems, and video streaming. Dr. Hunt was a member of Microsoft’s founding cloud computing team. Dr. Hunt holds over 100 patents, a B.S. degree in Physics from University of Utah and Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Rochester.

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