Why DevOps Works with Martin Woodward

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Why does DevOps work? Richard chats with Martin Woodward about the key aspects of DevOps and how they make a difference in an organization - even one as large as Microsoft! Martin talks about how developer often drive a DevOps practice from their Agile development experiences, and how that is a challenge to translate to operations. There's a natural tension between shipping more often with smaller changes and keeping the system stable - how do you find the right balance point?


Martin Woodward is the Principal Program Manager for DevOps in Microsoft focusing on Visual Studio Team Services. Before that Martin was Executive Director of the .NET Foundation helping drive Microsoft’s move to open source. Prior to that he looked after the Java, Linux and Mac tooling in their Developer Division and helped introduce Git into Microsoft. He also was responsible for starting Microsoft’s presence on GitHub. You can find him on twitter @MartinWoodward

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