Modernizing the Network with Jeff Stokes

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IT may be evolving, but are all aspects of your IT organization advancing? Richard chats with Jeff Stokes, former Microsoft PFE and now working at Tanium about the challenges IT people have around improving performance. Arguably the least advanced part of much of IT infrastructure is the network - so what does a modern network look like? Jeff talks about being able to get visibility into what servers and desktops are talking to each other, and how to set logical boundaries around them. At least know when your machines are speaking out of turn!


Jeff Stokes has been in the IT industry since 1995, initially starting at DEC and climbing the system administration ladder from there. He is currently a Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium, prior to that he worked as a platforms PFE in Microsoft Premier Field Engineering. He posts to the blog and is a somewhat active Redditor.

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