Azure Data Lakes with Stacia Varga

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What's a data lake and why do you need one? Richard chats with Stacia Varga about the evolving landscape of data analytics - focusing on how the cloud is changing the way a company can gather, store and analyze data. This leads to a conversation about the role of the data lake, a place where raw data can arrive and then be processed on-demand for analytics. The cloud provides the elasticity and scaling to be able to analyze data quickly on demand - you just need to take advantage of it!


Stacia Varga is a consultant, educator, and author specializing in helping organization build data analysis solutions since 1999. During that time, she has authored or coauthored multiple technical books and articles and has produced many video training courses available through Pluralsight. She speaks frequently worldwide at conferences serving the SQL Server community and has been recognized for her contributions to the technical community as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Regional Director.

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