Making Microsoft Teams Effective with Melissa Hubbard

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Microsoft Teams is popular, but is it effective? Richard talks with Melissa Hubbard about how to get the most of out of Teams. Melissa talks about the natural chaos that comes from adding a new collaboration tool and how that can be a good thing for adoption but ultimately needs some governance. At the same time, too much governance up-front can stop people from using a new tool - so allow a little chaos! Teams is all about collaboration, and works with other Microsoft products like Yammer and SharePoint, offering a great combination!


Melissa is a Digital Workplace Expert that is passionate about driving organizational productivity and collaboration using the Microsoft platform. She is the author of Mastering Microsoft Teams; a guide to using, governing, and driving user adoption of Microsoft Teams. She is experienced in managing projects throughout the entire lifecycle as well as developing and implementing solutions. User adoption, governance, and training are topics she is especially passionate about!

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