IoT in 2019 with Sam George

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It's 2019 - what's new with the Internet of Things? While at the Build conference in Seattle, Richard sat down with Sam George to talk about the latest initiatives Microsoft is taking to bring IoT to the mainstream of business. As Sam explains, its starts with instrumentation - knowing what is happening in your business in more detail. That informs ways to make improvements and further roles for IoT. It's a digital feedback cycle, and it can transform your business!


Sam George leads the Azure IoT Engineering Team on the Program Management side, and is responsible for Microsoft IoT Central, Azure IoT Suite, Azure IoT Edge, Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Device Provisioning Service, IoT Device SDK, the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform and more. Sam is a 20 year veteran at Microsoft and has worked in a variety of products—including video, smartphone, PC and cloud services. You may follow Sam online at @samjgeorge or at his IoT Blog.

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