Office 365 Security and Compliance with Erica Toelle

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Are you compliant? What does that even mean? Richard chats with Erica Toelle about the various security and compliance features in Office 365. Erica talks about regulated industries such as oil and gas that have very specific rules around reporting and regulations - but every organization can benefit from the security and compliance tooling! Document retention, inappropriate communications across email, chat and other tools are all part of compliance, and Office 365 can help!


Erica Toelle is a Microsoft MVP in Office Apps and Services. She is an internationally recognized speaker on Compliance, Office 365, and SharePoint. Erica has been working with customers to deploy these solutions since 2004 and has been hired as an expert by over 30 Fortune 500 companies, several Microsoft Product Teams, and Microsoft IT. Look for her upcoming book on Office 365 Compliance, which will be published by Apress in January 2020.

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