Secure Deployment with Mikael Nyström

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Can deploying software and updates enable a hack? Richard chats with Mikael Nyström about doing secure deployments - and this leads to a conversation about how modern hackers are exploiting systems today. Modern hackers can break into machines, but security restrictions limit their ability to exploit - until an administrator logs into the machine. Mikael talks about limiting your use of super-user accounts, including for deployment - and keeping your systems difficult for hackers to exploit!


Mikael Nystrom is a Senior Executive Consultant for TrueSec, which is a Swedish consultant company, specializing in consulting around the concept of a secure infrastructure. The company is small but has a very high standard regarding their competence, four of them (including Mikael) are MVP's and three of them are International speakers for IT Forum, TechEd and TrueSec also assists Microsoft with partner training. The company is based in Sweden but operates internationally. Mikael works with both large environments and in these cases its all about Microsoft Deployment (BDD), System Center and virtualization, but he also cares about small and midsize business. He is active in the small business community and as an MCT he has trained over 600 consultants on the SBS2003 product. You can also see him write articles in SMB Magazine as a featured contributor. Mikael has been an MVP for three years as well as an MCP, MCDST and a MCT. He does TechNet TV recordings, podcasts and a lot of community works, mostly in Swedish.

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