Managing Groups and Teams in Office 365 with Tony Redmond

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How do you keep your groups and teams in Office 365 under control? Richard chats with Tony Redmond about Office 365 and how individual users can create their own groups, essentially on demand. In large organizations, this can lead to a huge proliferation of so-called dead groups - how do you manage them? Tony digs into the policy tools, and what really constitutes a dead group. The conversation also dives into how this keeps happening - making it easy for users to use a feature means it gets used, but when do you need governance to make sure it isn't over-used?


Tony Redmond works as the principal of his own consulting company (Tony Redmond and Associates), helping companies to figure out technology strategy or accomplish specific goals. Apart from his experience gained over a 27-year in Digital. Compaq, and HP (ten as a vice-president), Tony remains a practicing technologist and is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Exchange Server.

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