Python and SQL Server with Julie Smith

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Python and SQL Server together? Julie Smith says yes! Richard chats with Julie about the strengths of Python in various tasks around databases including ETL. Julie talks about the tooling available for doing data extraction, transformation and loading - you can find existing Python implementations on most tasks you need to do! And as of SQL Server 2017, Python is directly supported, so you can call Python code from within T-SQL. And that's just the beginning - wait til you see Python in data analytics and visualization!


Julie Smith has been moving and bending data for twenty years using varied tools such as MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Database, Power BI and most recently--Python.. She has built and designed data solutions for organizations across multiple industries in her role as a Principal Consultant at Improving Enterprises, in Atlanta, GA, USA. Julie earned a BA in Theatre and Speech from the University of South Carolina. She worked as a costume technician and actor for several theatres in Atlanta before discovering a love and talent for data. Julie has been a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2013. She is a frequent speaker at user groups and technical conferences such as PASS Summit. She blogs at, microblogs as @juliechix on twitter, and contributed several chapters of Wiley’s SQL Server 2012 Bible. She is one of the featured professionals in Apres’ Data Professionals at Work published in January of this year.

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