Inspiring Your Team to Learn with Don Jones

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What does it take to get your team learning new skills? Richard chats with Don Jones about the entire learning process in the IT profession. Don discusses outcomes - why are we learning? What new skills will help the company? Answering these questions leads to budgets and times, but also commitment and deadlines. You can't just learn for fun (although you should), you have to provide value to the company. The good news is, we already learn all the time, we just have to remember that we do!


Don Jones has been in the IT industry since the mid-1990s, and in that time has written dozens of tech books, spoken at hundreds of conferences, and taught thousands of students. He co-founded and was awarded Microsoft’s MVP Award for 16 years running. Don’s currently branching out into business, motivational, and fiction writing, and you can find all of his work at

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