Passwordless Authentication with Libby Brown

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It's 2020 - why are we still using passwords? Richard chats with Libby Brown about the on-going efforts to make passwordless authentication work great for everyone. The problems with passwords are well-known, but can we really get to a place where we don't have them at all? Libby talks about the challenges of using multi-factor authentication, including authenticator applications, FIDO keys, facial recognition and more. You need multiple methods of authentication and recovery strategies available before you can consider turning off passwords - but it is possible!


Libby Brown is a Senior Program Manager on the Cloud Authentication Team in Microsoft Identity, primarily driving Azure AD features and scenarios involving the Microsoft Authenticator app. She's also had Product, Program and/or Release Manager roles within Microsoft Learning, Office Live Small Business, Office365, Azure Commerce Platform, and Universal Store. Outside of work, you can find her kvetching and/or answering product questions on Twitter as @TruBluDevil, watching NCAA basketball games, or listening to endless Minecraft stories from her kids.

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