Managing CosmosDB with Deborah Chen

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How do you manage CosmosDB? Richard chats with Deborah Chen from the CosmosDB team about what it takes to care and feed the cloud-based NoSQL data storage solution. Deborah talks about the advantages of not having to manage the infrastructure of storage, with replication and fail-over solutions integrated into CosmosDB from the start - as well as at-rest and in-transmission encryption always on! The management tools are pretty straightforward too, with thorough logging and diagnostics tools integrated into Azure. CosmosDB can make your life simpler!


Deborah Chen is a Program Manager on Azure Cosmos DB. She focuses on building a great developer experience —SDKs, Portal experience, notebooks, and more — and improving the getting started experience for new customers. In her free time, she enjoys building demos to show the capabilities of Azure Cosmos DB. Previously she worked on Visual Studio on IntelliTrace and IntelliCode, building out new debugging and productivity features.

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