Azure DevOps for Ops with Michael Levan

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DevOps involves a whole organization - but what can Ops do to facilitate DevOps? Richard chats with Michael Levan about the role of Ops in the DevOps evolution of an organization. Michael talks about the need for culture change to make your DevOps practices successful, but at the same time, tools have gotten dramatically better. The conversation turns to Azure DevOps as an overarching tool for dealing with the continuous integration and continuous deployment of software for your organization. There are lots more tools needed and Michael gives time to many of them - but Azure DevOps is a great place to start!


Michael Levan is a tech enthusiast and engineer at heart. He is the Chief Engineer and Principal DevOps Consultant at CloudDev.Engineering LLC. Michael loves all things automation, cloud, and development. When he's not working on DevOps and cloud awesomeness he enjoys spending time with his son, his girlfriend, and breweries.

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