Terraform with Jennelle Crothers

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What is Terraform, and why should you use it? Richard chats with Jennelle Crothers about HashiCorp's open source project called Terraform, providing configuration-as-code solutions for building out Azure infrastructure. As Jennelle describes it, this is code for racking-and-stacking Azure resources: Defining your virtual machines (or containers), wiring them up with networking, and so on. You could do it with Azure ARM, but do you want that much JSON in your life? Jennelle talks about the Azure Provider for Terraform and how it transforms the easy-to-read code of Terraform into Azure objects. But that code is still unique to Azure, don't expect to use your same Terraform scripts with other cloud providers.


Jennelle Crothers is a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft who has been using Azure since its inception. Sometimes keeping up with the constant changes in cloud technology makes her long for the days of boxed software and two-year refresh cycles. Recently she has been focusing on helping businesses navigate moving to Azure while balancing the challenges of security, access, modernization, and adoption of DevOps. When not redeploying infrastructure, she spends time with her family and friends in the SF Bay Area.

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