Bandwidth in the Pandemic with Cameron Fuller

About Show #688

The first of the Pandemic series - how's your bandwidth? Richard talks to Cameron Fuller about some of the issues IT folks are dealing with during the pandemic. With most employees working from home, the bandwidth available to those employees is essential. And most likely, there's more than one person at home that needs that bandwidth - do they have enough? Does it make sense for IT to get involved in configuring networks in employee homes to provide bandwidth shaping with QoS? What about other bandwidth options like MiFi access points? Cameron explores several options and ideas you can add to your list of things to do to keep employees productive in this challenging time!


Cameron Fuller, System Center MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management, is a principal consultant for Catapult Systems and serves as their Corporate Practice Lead for System Center. He has 20 years of infrastructure experience, focused on management solutions. Cameron coauthored a number of System Center books, routinely contributes technical articles to popular Windows magazines, and maintains a highly technical blog. Additionally, you can find Cameron as a speaker at conferences like System Center Universe and the Midwest Management Summit!

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