Cloud Adoption Framework with Evelyn Padrino

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Are you ready to move to the cloud? Richard talks to Evelyn Padrino about the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. Evelyn describes how Microsoft has been collecting knowledge from all the past cloud migrations to build out a framework to make it easier to do the right thing moving workloads to the cloud. The conversation digs into all the preparations that need to be made before anything gets moved, and how to move the right things the right way. And it's not just about Lift-and-Shift, but also how you modernization, monitor, and make your infrastructure better!


Evelyn’s career at MS expands over 18+ years in several sales and marketing leader roles, across Latin America, the US and Corporate global teams. Most recently, Evelyn has been leading an Azure Customer Success Marketing team where she helps customers navigate their cloud journey, from strategy and planning to optimization and management.

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