Windows Autopilot with Michael Niehaus

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Are your PC deployments on Autopilot? Richard talks to Michael Niehaus about Windows Autopilot, which offers a centralized way to deploy to PCs, both remotely and on-premises. Michael talks about getting away from the double-shipping approach of provisioning new PCs, where you as an IT person have to receive a machine, load it up, then ship it out to the employee that is using it. With Autopilot you identify new PCs to your hardware provider using your Azure Tenant ID. Then you specify your configuration information so that when the machine powers up and connects to the Internet, it knows how to provision itself. There are also services for resetting machines and de-provisioning them at end-of-life!


Michael Niehaus is the Principal Program Manager, Modern Deployment Team for the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Team. After a few years in product marketing talking about Windows deployment and Windows-as-a-Service topics, Michael Niehaus has moved back to the technical side of the house, working as a principal program manager on the modern deployment team, responsible for Windows AutoPilot and related technologies. Previously, Michael was a longtime program manager and developer for the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, having joined Microsoft in 2004 after spending 14 years working in enterprise IT.

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